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A letter to the Future Me


Assalamualaikum, my brothers and sisters. Hopefully we're in the blessings of Allah.

Ok, for this entry, I decided to write in English. Why is that? Hmm... maybe it's because I'm just feeling like doing so? Well, that's a big nay.

The answer is simple. I want to improve my English which is only about average, I guess. Just a few weeks ago, I've read an entry written by brother Aiman Azlan in his website. It is about a letter that he wrote to himself. That really inspires me. (Haven't read it yet? Don't worry, just click here

Yeah, I'm going to do the same for this entry. (well, it's not going to be From Single Safiah to Married Safiah because obviously, I haven't found my Mr. Right yet.)

In a whole day, the person that we talk most to is ourselves, don't you think? So, I think, somehow, it does affect our behavior and our actions. That's why, I want to remind myself, the me of the past, the me of present and the future me. I hope, I'll be reading this letter to myself in the future and be motivated by it, biiznillah.  

And so, here goes something....


Dear Future Safiah,

How are you doing? I hope you remember the Past Safiah somewhere in the back of your mind since we are the same person. I'm writing this letter to remind you, the 'Me' of future, of who you are before and how it was changed after that.

Know this, bear this in your mind and soul. You're born for a special reason. Please look for that reason. Please know it, you're a special being this world. And that you also have to remember that you'll not be here, on this Earth forever. Life is but a short journey to us. 

Remember always that you are born to be A SERVANT AND A KHALEEFA in this worldly life. Please, pretty please, I beg you, don't be astray from that.

Be humble, be truthful to yourself, be SOMETHING.

Don't you dare complain about the difficulties that you face now, here and there. Remember, a servant is tested according to his or her religious commitment. If the difficulties that you face now is that of small of matter, you should reflect upon yourself. Is your iman is only at that level? Reflect on yourself, Safiah. Don't be such a crybaby. You're stronger than this, biiznillah.

 It/s true. You know it yourself.

You'll become a houseman officer, medical officer and maybe a specialist. Or maybe, the time that you're reading this letter again, you've already became one. Ask yourself, what kind of doctor you want to be? How would you treat the ummah? What have you done for others? What makes you're still here? 

To the future me, I hope you have the answers to these questions.

Please, don't be contented with what you've and what you've had done. It may not be sufficient for you. STRIVE FOR MORE, for this is one of your biggest priority, the bridge for you to reach out to others. This is the path that Allah had chosen for you. So, please continue to explore the path and utilise the time that had been given to you before it's too late. This is your chance, take it with you.

Dear Safiah,

You knpw, there are more jewels in you that is yet to be explored. The Me of the Past had found one of it. And that is writing. Maybe I was not the best writer out there, not the author of bestselling authors, but at least I tried. So, I hope you don't abandon this jewel that I had found in me. Please continue to write more.

It's ok if you're not famous. As long as you know that your writings could be of some help to others, that's more than enough. I'm just happy to know that. 

Last, but not least, my dear Future Safiah, I hope at time you're reading this again, you're not the same Safiah. I hope you'll be a new Safiah who knows what she wants to do. But never forget the past Safiah, because you started with this past Safiah.

May Allah bless this journey of ours. Amin. :)

The Past Safiah

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